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In the 1970s, I was in the RAF and married my childhood sweetheart - Alison. We were in our 20 years of age, but I wanted a family soon. Then we tried for a few months, we went to the MO and the tests had found no sperm. This devastated our work and we spent a few months, what to do. Alison worked in an office at our headquarters with a friendly staff, particularly officers, especially young people. We went sextv to the occasional office party. One of the officers, Phil was very friendly and he and I play squash together, sometimes going to a bar sextv after - uncommon today for an officer and another range for socializing. One day he said he had noticed sextv that Alison had said recently, and I took him the whole story. When I got home I told Alison that he had ' spilled the beans ' and she was angry, she felt it was our life, and not argue. We had some problems in our marriage - sex actually - I had premature ejaculation and couldonly last a few seconds into it, and she had no time to come and I could only make it go with my fingers. It would have been the modus operandi, but in vain. He asked if I had said that Phil - No, I did not. If you said a few days later, babies are cooled again after a long conversation, I asked if he ever thought about the birth of a child by another man. I waited another explosion, but blushed and began to mourn. He told me if I wanted to understand, and always stay with her. was taken a few days to think hard, but finally agreed to 'accept' another man's sperm and have agreed the only man who could approach was Phil After our next game of squash I mentioned that babies can not be subject to him again and asked if he could think of any solution. He said he could not, so I told him that Alison and I had thought of using another man's sperm. Before I could say anything, I blurted out that webe. He sat for a minute or two, and then said, 'How do you become my sperm from her ' Alison and I had always assumed that would come to her, even had said it would be better if it was too fast for out of the way. When I got home that night, Alison sextv and I asked him about the conversation in bed when I went to him, I thought it was very wet, but she said it was just them, because in her fertile period of the month was sextv . So after a couple of conversations with Phil and Alison, and then all three together (which is rare in him a man that his pregnant wife to speak), we sextv agreed that he was trying in the midcycle, Alison, next month. Phil was coming to dinner, do the job, then stay and repeat in the morning, and then ( we read that the best thing to do. ) Can be On the appointed evening I came home with a aroma of food, and my wife in the bathtub. He then moved to a new dress, short and black with aroma andMake- up looks attractive - a size 8 slim girl with legs and a lower die. I felt a little jealous, but she assured me that if sextv she was worried that if Phil did not seem attractive, it would be difficult to get an erection and then let your tank, said in the same. down and when Phil arrived with flowers and a bottle of wine, I began to relax because it seemed normal, and it was his attention to Alison. It was really a good guy. After dinner, I asked if Phil and Alison wanted to go to the room to do the job. Phil saw Ali and said it was fine for what they were. We agreed that I would be there for hours, so I went in a few seconds later, sextv to find Phil and Ali claims that sextv he kissed her passionately on the mouth. He retired when he saw me. Then sextv he lifted her dress and was surprised to see that she was naked underneath, but more impressed to see that came their juices away she goesMarginal Lips in hanks, and inner thighs glistened with her juices. Phil she lay on the bed, and then stripped in seconds into a solid body (which I had seen before) and show an erect penis - which was seen as normal in sextv the showers of squash, but now noted in the roof with a dripping precum dripping from his hole, and it sextv looked great. and without saying anything or hesitation, spread her legs, then leaned sextv over her and kicked her. and then began to pump into it, I will hear the hoarse after a few seconds, but had a rhythm and kept coming and going constantly, like Ali locked his legs around his back and pulled the pelvis at the time hits with it. I realized then that she began to wash in the chest and face, her breathing became faster. had never seen my wife in this state, I had seen her cum, but construction was not so much as this, and when I do I see the crack when the tool was heard Phil in and out of the hER - I looked down and the rain was everywhere, and among them on the sheet. Then she began to moan and suddenly slid into him, then stiffened and made a short scream and then a huge scream when I take care of her heavily guarded Phil and biting his neck. He complained loudly and saw his body shake, when apparently no load inside. This lasted for about 20 seconds, then release Alison and lay on the leaves, Phil was in it, with her, and said : ' The muscles of her vagina is too tight n I - I I withdraw and make sure it is, that all my sperm. ' and went with his flaccid penis and pussy now as I watched Ali, saw his semen dripping white against their red meat. I slept in the guest room that night, could not come to my dear wife, knowing that I never had the joy of a young officer had given sextv him. listened again, as she picked up the next morning. Then Phil left. was published by sooon. he Alisona child, Philip. We have never had sexual intercourse again, my job was to take them to other men for the service. and I still do that today, more than 30 years later.
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